Pine Bluff Municipal Airport
Grider Field

Ground Access, Circulation, and Parking

The airport is accessed from Grider Field Road which is off of US Highway 65. The airport property is situated in the southwest corner of the intersection of US Highway 65 and US Highway 425. These two highways are major highway corridors through the southeastern part of Arkansas to Tennessee , Mississippi , and Louisiana .  

Grider Field is located less than one mile from US Highways 65 and 425. The airport is approximately four miles from US High­way 79 and two miles from Interstate 530 via US 65. Funding is available to begin exten­sion of 1-530 from its current endpoint on to the vicinity of the Monticello/Warren area to the south. This extension will eventually join proposed 1-69 connecting north and south portions of the country via Southeast Arkansas .  

In addition to proximity to major highways, the airport is within five miles from both the Port of Pine Bluff and the railroad. This proximity to major highways as well as other modes of trans­portation makes the airport area a prime location for future warehousing and cargo industries.  

Patrons can access the terminal area of the airport from Grider Field Road through an airport ac­cess roadway. Patrons of the airport, terminal restaurant, and the FBOs use the airport entrance road and parking is available near the terminal. Automobile traffic is separated from aircraft traffic by fencing between the auto parking areas and the aircraft parking apron. Limited access is allowed by automobiles onto the aircraft apron near the hangars through several gates along the fence line.

The City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas
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