City of Pine Bluff – Summer Youth Employment Program

Mayor Shirley Washington announces the City of Pine Bluff’s Summer Youth 2018

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to provide youth with employment for the summer, teach them marketable job skills and have them also provide a service for their community. We will provide youth with a real-life employment experience with income and personal and professional training in appearance, business etiquette, managing money, job skills and relating to others. 

The Summer You Program provides the City of Pine Bluff you between the ages of 16 and 21 with summer employment and educational opportunities. Participants work in a variety of entry-level jobs at local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, county offices and small businesses.

The Summer Youth Program strives to:

  • Emphasize real-world labor expectations
  • Increase awareness of services offered by local community-based organizations
  • Provide opportunities for career instruction, financial literacy training, academic improvement, and social

Placement of youth will be determined in the job interview according to their career interest. Placement at job sites will be done by summer youth coordinators.

Each youth employee will attend orientation before they begin working. Topics that will be discussed include proper attire; arriving at work on time, attentiveness on the job etc. 

Every Friday there will be a mandatory workshop for youth employees to attend. Topics that may be covered in these workshops will be: 1) program orientation; 2) workplace readiness; 3) financial literacy; 4) higher education exploration; 5) career exploration; 6) resume and cover letter writing; 7) interviewing techniques. Youth employees will be paid bi-weekly and will receive their paychecks every other Friday after the mandatory workshop.

There will be an end of the program ceremony. Each youth employee will receive a certificate for participation and special awards will be given to youth whose work was exceptional or outstanding. 

How to Apply

  • Pick up an application from the City of Pine Bluff’s Human Resources Department, Room 104, 200 E. 8the Ave. or download the application.
  • All applications must be returned to the City of Pine Bluff’s Human Resources Department, Room 104 by Monday, April 30, 5 p.m.
  • Pick up an interview card when turning in your application. 


  • Must be 16-21 years of age
  • Must be a resident of Jefferson County
  • Must be a full-time high school student or college student 

Rate of Pay $8.50/hr

How to Make a Donation

Select at least one from the linked contribution card and return with your monetary donation to City of Pine Bluff’s Human Resources Department, 200 East 8th, Room 104, Pine  Bluff, AR 71601.

Please make checks payable to the City of Pine Bluff. 

How You Can Help

Hire a summer youth program participant for your business, church, or organization. It’s simple as filling out the worksite request form and returning it to the City of Pine Bluff’s Human Resources Department. 


For more information, please call 870-730-2038

Connie Jackson, Program Coordinator

Vickie Conaway, Director of Human Resources