See Click Fix : Report Issues in YOUR Community

City of Pine Bluff

“Submitting a Service Request”

The City of Pine Bluff is now using SeeClickFix to help citizens to report and track Non-Emergency service requests.

If this is an emergency please dial 911.

SeeClickFix allows City of Pine Bluff citizens to report and monitor non-emergency community issues relating to potholes, traffic lights, street signs, illegal dumping and graffiti. It is the intent of the City to empower citizens, community groups, media organizations, and governments to work together and improve their neighborhoods. Through mobile web, web, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps, the SeeClickFix platform is the most widely-distributed citizen reporting tool in the country. The mobile app for your specific smartphone can be found at If you would like to view a video demonstrating the mobile on an iphone follow this link to YouTube

To Report an Issue: Type in the address and click the Next Button. Fill in Summary, Description, Your Email Address and Click Submit.