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Pine Bluff Animal Services

Q: Does your agency handle County complaints? Who handles complaints?
A: No. County residence are advised to contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department or the Jefferson County Humane Society.

Q. How long do you keep an animal before they are put to sleep?
A: Stray animals are kept for a detention period of five (5) working days, including one (1) Saturday, unless claimed and released to the owner. After five (5) days, the animal becomes the property of the city of Pine Bluff Animal Services, whom determines the animals final Disposition. There is no set time frame following the detention period.

Q: Does your agency give rabies shots (vaccinations)?
A: Arkansas State Law requires rabies vaccinations are to be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Q: How many dogs or cats can you have in the city?
A: Four (4) dogs, four (4) cats or a combination of dogs and cats totaling four (4).

Q: Can you keep a dog on a chain?|
A: Not as a permanent means of restraining the animal.

Q: I can no longer care for my pet. Is there a charge to pick it up?
A: There is a $35.00 fee to pick up animals at the request of the owner, however any person with proof of city residency my bring the animal in at no cost to that person.

Q: Does your agency pick up cats? Is there laws pertaining to cats?
A: Animal Services does capture and impound stray and nuisance cats. City codes require license and rabies tags on cats and a limit of four (4) cats per household.

Q: What can I do about dogs barking?
A: Report the complaint to animal services, giving all pertinent information. An Animal Services Officer will investigate and advise the owner of corrective measures to be taken. If the situation continues to exist, the owner will be charged for Nuisance Animal and the complainant will be summoned to testify in court.

Q: How much does it cost to adopt a dog or cat? What are your procedures for Pet Adoption?
A: A $20.00 adoption fee is required for each adoptable animal. The potential owner must be at least eighteen (18) years of age with valid identification, must have the animal spayed or neutered within the specified period stated on the adoption application, and must agree to abide by all State and Local Laws pertaining to animals.

Q: My pet is a house dog/cat or my dog is never loose, why do I have to get a city license tag?
A: Pine Bluff city code requires an annual license fee on each dog or cat three (3) months of age or older, regardless of the method of confinement. The cost of the license is six dollars ($6.00) each on all spayed and neutered dogs and cats, and eight dollars and fifty cents ($8.50) each for all unsterilized dog or cat. License can be purchased only through a local veterinarian.